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As Holdout Missouri Joins Nation in Monitoring Opioid Prescriptions, Experts Worry

Kathi Arbini said she felt elated when Missouri finally caught up to the other 49 states and approved a statewide prescription drug monitoring program this June in an attempt to curb opioid addiction. The hairstylist turned activist estimated she made 75 two-hour trips in the past decade from her home in Fenton, a St. Louis… Read More »

Paleo diet t nation

People who follow the paleo diet avoid grains. They feel that modern grains contain three “poisons” that, in general, are pro-inflammatory. These three alleged poisons are phytates, gluten, and lectins. Granted, these components of grain are conditionally problematic in certain circumstances, but a new study shows that a diet heavy in grains is actually anti-inflammatory.… Read More »