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High cholesterol: Do your nails look a certain way? Danger signs your levels are too high

According to Medicover Hospitals, black or reddish-brown spots on your nails can signal high cholesterol levels. “The condition is caused by small, damaged blood vessels under the nail,” explains the health site. The black or reddish-brown spots have the following distinguishing characteristics: Do not change appearance when you apply pressure to the nail Appear in… Read More »

Hormone levels ketogenic diet

Biochem Soc Symp. Ketone build-up in a particular individual depends on several physiological parameters such as body fat percentage, body mass index BMI, and resting metabolic rate. The irregular or disappearing periods can be traced to hormone changes. And whether you live with us or around us, you have to deal with our hormones, either… Read More »

Can a gluten free diet increase glucose levels

Gluten seems a potentially important determinant in type 1 diabetes T1D and type 2 diabetes T2D. Intake of gluten, a major component of wheat, rye, and barley, affects the microbiota and increases the intestinal permeability. Moreover, studies have demonstrated that gluten peptides, after crossing the intestinal barrier, lead to a more inflammatory milieu. Gluten peptides… Read More »