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Novartis extends operations at U.K. plant for another year, keeping some 200 workers on board

As Novartis shifts away from the production of older, less profitable drugs, the drugmaker has placed a slew of production facilities in the cost-cutting crosshairs. But with the company facing increased demand for two unnamed products, one plant is set to keep on churning through next year. More than 200 Novartis manufacturing workers will keep their jobs for… Read More »

Fauci stresses keeping ‘open mind’ on coronavirus origin amid scrutiny over lab-leak theory

Dr. Anthony Fauci stressed keeping “an open mind” regarding the origin of coronavirus as he faces increased scrutiny over the lab-leak theory following the release of thousands of his emails. Fauci, appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” also said that he didn’t necessarily dismiss the lab leak theory as a conspiracy, but felt it was “more… Read More »

‘Hold yourself accountable’ on keeping AI unbiased, or the FTC might do it for you

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission emphasized the importance of using artificial intelligence in an equitable manner in a blog post earlier this month.   As FTC attorney Elisa Jillson noted in the post, so-called neutral technology can produce troubling outcomes, including racial discrimination or the replication of other biases.   “As your company launches into… Read More »

Diet for cutting fat and keeping muscle

In fact, imagine that instead diet lessening the negative effects of a prolonged deficit, we could actually reverse those fat to some degree. If your weight-loss regimen includes resistance training and a calorie-reduced diet, the following strategies will help you hang on to — or gain — muscle while you shed pounds. The good news… Read More »