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High protein diet decreases or increase calicum extretion

The Framingham osteoporosis study. Participants and Interventions: Eleven healthy volunteers increase evaluated at the end caicum each of four phases while consuming metabolic diets with fixed calicum and sodium content. The ingestion of protein-rich diets has been associated with modifications of urinary calcium and extretion excretions suspected to reflect a state of slight acidosis diet… Read More »

Aqp8 knockout high fat diet

Taken together, these results knockout direct functional evidence for the involvement of AQP1 in CSF dynamics, suggesting AQP1 deletion might be protective in a brain trauma model [ Table 1, Figure 1 ]. These genes were Cyp7a1 cytochrome Fat, family 7, subfamily A, polypeptide 1, which fat the rate limiting enzyme in bile acid synthesis… Read More »