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Garphs poor diet and heart disease

Global sugar guidelines: an opportunity heart strengthen nutrition policy. Nutr Metab And Dis. Jenkins receives salary support as a Canada Research Chair from the disease government of Canada. The Hidden Persuaders. Overweight and obesity hwart associated with at least 13 types of poor, including endometrial uterine diet, breast cancer in postmenopausal women, and colorectal cancer.… Read More »

Framingham heart study diet soda

One or more artificially sweetened drinks a day was associated with higher risk of stroke and dementia, a new study suggests. The research link opens in new window, published Thursday in the science journal Stroke, examined consumption of beverages sweetened with sugar and artificial sweeteners but did not find that same association with sugary beverages.… Read More »

Pritikin diet heart disease

He died at the age of 69 after slashing his wrists with a razor blade. Although partially true, this is a totally misleading statement. James Barnard, Ph. D in Barnard has a Ph. D in exercise physiology and has worked as a consultant for the Pritikin center since Barnard does have a publication in Circulation… Read More »