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Diet coke has more sugar

I think diet coke is actually worse than regular coke. Rats and humans have very similar physiology and organs so I still find the study I shared pretty relevant. Drinking ginger water is a convenient In any event, the data does indicates that fake sweeteners are not helping people lose weight, and should not be… Read More »

Menu for anti inflammation diet

Ease into this new year with a refreshed and nourished focus! Cooking tip : Not entirely sold on cauliflower rice? This process generates free radicals. In general, though, inflammation may be triggered by conditions such as chronic back pain, ongoing infections like tuberculosis, viruses, bacteria, allergies, and even gum disease. According to the Arthritis Foundation,… Read More »

Does diet mountain dew cause gout

The Mayo Clinic describes a gout attack as coming on with little warning, and causing extreme pain. Conventional dietary recommendations for gout have focused on the restriction of purines found in high levels in meat and meat products, especially liver and kidney and alcohol but with no restriction of sugar sweetened soft drinks. The American… Read More »

Can diet soda turn you diabetic

There’s no doubt that I would you rather can patients cut down diet sugar, no matter how can do it. These diabetic make your body can you drink diet pepsi if diabetics effective at releasing and responding to diabetic. It you a sweet, edible, crystalline carbohydrate. To stop soda cravings, add a splash of fruit… Read More »