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How much caffeine diet mt dew

Sierra Mist Zero Sugar. Our Products Product Finder Compare. Aspartame is just fine in my book. Caffeine contents ranged from 4. They probably make it with Splenda now which improves the taste of everything. Karen—yeah, I live in Wisconsin and we can get caffeine-free Mountain Dew. So here I am, now I understand! I will… Read More »

Does diet dr pepper have caffeine in it

I could never tolerate the taste of diet sodas…until the diet I tried diet Pepsi MAX…I really do enjoy this soda and can even drink them warm…thanks to Pepsi pepper this great soda. Archived from the original on September 15, Retrieved December 6, Retrieved August 12, While the flavors sound nothing but fun and fruity,… Read More »

How many mg caffeine in diet dr pepper

The American Dietetic Association suggests no more than mgs of caffeine a day, which is equal to no more than two or three cups of coffee a day. Caffeine content varies and until recently has been hard to figure out. Finally, some manufacturers have begun to print counts on the labels, along with the rest… Read More »

Does diet have have aspartame and caffeine

Does Aspartame Cause Cancer? Their diet drinks use sucralose and acesulfame potassium for sweetness. I went for a few weeks and it started clearing up. But is it safe? Introduced in —for people keeping “tabs” on their weight—Tab was Coke’s first calorie-free soda and the first to draw outcry because of its artificial sweetener. Coca-Cola… Read More »