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How unjust police killings damage the mental health of Black Americans

Since the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, many African Americans have reported feeling overwhelmed at times by the trauma, anguish, and outrage stirred up by Floyd’s death, as well as other incidents of police violence against Black victims. The disturbing frequency of these events, and the relentless news coverage of… Read More »

How ‘the COVID-15’ is worsening Black America’s obesity problem

(Photo: Adobe Stock) Many Americans have gained a staggering amount of weight since the coronavirus outbreak and the main culprit is stress. The phenomenon is being called COVID-15, a play on the freshman fifteen which is an unexpected weight gain during one’s first year in college, but if only the weight gain was just 15… Read More »

Testing homeless people during COVID-19 identifies several new HIV cases, especially in Black people

An innovative peer-centred outreach project, testing homeless and unstably housed people in London during the height of the COVID epidemic for HIV and viral hepatitis, has revealed a significant proportion with HIV who were either undiagnosed, or diagnosed but not in care.  Dr Binta Sultan, physician in Inclusion Health at University College Hospital in London… Read More »

Black gram can eat in keto diet

Comments 0. It also expressed antifungal properties against Aspergillus nige r and Candida albicans The pods are hairy and contain one to four seeds in each pod. Dos and Don’ts of drinking kadhas for boosting immunity. One simple reason, the keto diet works better with a greater fat content which means you are more likely… Read More »

Black stools in keto diet

Michael Easter. Atkins also has many packaged meal and bar offerings, which Laska says really gum up the whole system. Usually it would be diet from my dinner from the night before. Give it time to adapt and heal from the many black of processing intolerable foods. Carbs are everywhere. Ketosis is a transition from… Read More »