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Does diet have have aspartame and caffeine

Does Aspartame Cause Cancer? Their diet drinks use sucralose and acesulfame potassium for sweetness. I went for a few weeks and it started clearing up. But is it safe? Introduced in —for people keeping “tabs” on their weight—Tab was Coke’s first calorie-free soda and the first to draw outcry because of its artificial sweetener. Coca-Cola… Read More »

Did diet pepsi go back to aspartame

Beverage Back. Then I also noticed I wasn. Time to cross the border for Diet Rite in Michigan. I have read several articles about aspartamine, and am so disgusted with the FDA! Kathy on April 20, at pm. Retirement Planner. I bought whatever was cheaper that week. Sparkling ICE drinks aspartame splenda as well and… Read More »

Where to buy aspartame free diet pepsi

Apparently this was a recent change. In addition to the flagship product, the company also offers extra juice free which contain a percentage of natural juice. Write and complain! Where really wish another soda diet like Pepsi. Rachel on March 15, at pm. I buy the deception right away this past spring because aspartame affects… Read More »