Stage 2 food dysphagia diet

By | September 9, 2020

stage 2 food dysphagia diet

A dysphagia diet is a special eating plan. Your healthcare provider may advise it if you have trouble swallowing dysphagia. When you have dysphagia, you are at risk for aspiration. Aspiration is when food or liquid enters the lungs by accident. It can cause pneumonia and other problems. The foods you eat can affect your ability to swallow. For example, soft foods are easier to swallow than hard foods. A dysphagia diet can help prevent aspiration. You may be at risk for aspiration from dysphagia if you have any of these health conditions. You may need to follow a dysphagia diet for only a short time.

Prepare for Your Visit. The muscular esophagus then contracts in a wave-like action, sweeping the food along into the stomach. A written list of recommendations will be provided and may include suggestions such as eating more slowly, swallowing more frequently, eating in a quiet area with few distractions, eating only certain food consistencies, etc.

Long term disability is the most frequent post stroke complication. Some of this poor nutrition is caused by limited ability to swallow food, and many stroke survivors require special diets to prevent or reverse this deficit. Dysphagia is difficulty with swallowing. In the case of a loved one with a stroke, it was caused by the nerve and brain damage of the stroke. The damage may have also affected the ability to chew or move food around with the tongue. There are actually different stages of swallowing see the diagram above. While your loved one can chew and control the food in their mouth Stage 1 and initiate swallowing Stage 2 the body may not be able to do the rest.

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Tell all healthcare providers and caregivers that you are on a dysphagia diet. For example, you may need a feeding tube. A level 2 dysphagia diet is a special eating plan. Over time, the reflux causes inflammation and a narrowing stricture of the esophagus. Goulding, R. It was hard to understand.

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