Low carb keto diet micronutrients

By | November 2, 2020

low carb keto diet micronutrients

People who go on restrictive diets may not get all of the nutrients that they need. Those who choose low-carb diets—either for weight loss or health management—may not get enough of certain vitamins and minerals including thiamin, folate, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E, and calcium. To make sure that your body functions well on a low-carb diet, consider the sources of each of these micronutrients. Then try to include these foods in your meals and snacks throughout the day so that you get the recommended daily intake of each essential nutrient. Thiamin sometimes spelled “thiamine” is important for energy production and brain and nervous system function. Thiamin works with other B vitamins, so a depletion of one can cause others to function less effectively in the body. This vitamin is also prone to destruction in food processing, storage, and cooking. For this reason, some flour and cereal products are enriched with thiamin. Adult women should consume 1.

Yet, it continues to remain contentious in nutrition circles due to a belief that the diet is devoid of nutrients and concern around its saturated diet content. Exposure to the sun provides micronutrienfs of us with the amount that low need. It boosts micronutrients, ensures normal thyroid function, stimulates blood flow and protects against heart disease carb its keto other benefits.

We all go on a diet once in a while with the goal of losing weight that we might have gained over a holiday or during a difficult time. Sometimes we just want to slim down a bit. At least one study has shown a correlation between nutrient deficiencies and obesity. But the most popular diets, such as keto, often restrict an entire class of macronutrients also known as macros, referring to carbs, fat, and protein. This can inadvertently eliminate foods that are rich in nutrients. Keto, Atkins both considered low-carb, and the DASH diet considered low-fat are a few examples of restricted diets. When we go on one of these restricted diets we can become even more deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients. Micronutrients such as B vitamins, minerals like selenium, magnesium and iodine, and antioxidants including vitamin A and E regulate our metabolism, moods, cravings, hormones, and energy levels. Can diets such as keto actually contribute to cravings and the nutrient deficiencies that are making us fat in the first place?

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