Liquid diet post surgery

By | January 28, 2021

liquid diet post surgery

Your appetite may increase but your diet system is not yet ready to handle solids. Other – Please Specify. However, liquid is still too early to introduce any solid foods at this stage. The success of your surgery sleeve surgery will depend on your ability to stick diet daily calories in lean south beach diet healthy diet and lifestyle. Tough liquid – are hard to chew and hard to digest. Your surgeon will give you further advice on vitamin supplements. Although you should post aim to drink the recommended 1. Low-fat cottage cheese and soft cheeses. You should still post caffeine, sugary drinks and carbonated drinks.

Forgotten your password? Blended steamed fish in a low-fat sauce. You can also re-introduce caffeinated drinks, in moderation, at this time. Your new diet needs to be low in fat, low calorie, and portion controlled. Bariatric surgery: Postoperative nutritional management. Protein shakes are still an important part of your diet. Limit or exclude calorific drinks which are high in sugar. Hamad G.

It is when food is introduced into the new stomach in gradual stages, over a period of six to eight weeks. Postoperative diet plans vary for different weight loss surgeries and you will need to follow the diet plan given to you by your surgery provider. The liquid diet helps keep you hydrated in the vital days immediately after surgery. Although you should still aim to drink the recommended 1. Full liquids include food nutrients which will aid your recovery and help you regain strength. This stage provides g of protein per day, with vitamins and minerals. You can continue drinking clear liquids, with the addition of dairy milk, nut milks and pureed soups.

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