How to reverse diet bodybuilding

By | September 19, 2020

how to reverse diet bodybuilding

This is the most frequent question we receive as a team from our clients approaching the end of a hard fat loss phase. The period after dieting is a difficult time, and arguably the most important if long term results are the goal. Which is why having a post diet plan in place is so critical. The best case is you look better for it, but I rarely ever see this. In most scenarios, having no plan in place will only lead to a terrible rebound. They just shrink in size. The problem is that these shrunken fat cells will always be ready and waiting to fill back up again if we quickly enter into a calorie excess. Their bodies are simply primed to return to their previous body fat levels and where homeostasis is still, or higher. Depending on how fast you gain body fat, not only will you fill your original fat cells back up, but your body will also start creating even more! This is why people struggle dieting for the second time after having just rebounded.

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Eat less, work out more. It can work wonders for a while, but definitely not forever. When you can’t cut any more, it’s time to turn your diet around. Here’s how! When most people decide they want to take control of their physique and lose some fat, the next step seems clear: Go on a diet. But honestly, not everyone should take that step. For those with a history of crash dieting, severe calorie restriction, or multiple failed diet attempts, jumping once more on the diet bandwagon is unlikely to yield results, and will probably do more harm than good. Over repeated bouts of calorie restriction, your metabolism takes a beating. When you drop calories too low for too long, your body intervenes on several fronts. This biological phenomenon, known as “metabolic adaptation,” can really throw a wrench in your weight-loss goals.

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