Healthy liver diet nursing care plan

By | September 4, 2020

healthy liver diet nursing care plan

Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt. If loading fails, click here to try again Choose the letter of the correct answer. Good luck! Question 1 Nurse Cynthia is providing a discharge teaching to a client with chronic cirrhosis. His wife asks her to explain why there is so much emphasis on bleeding precautions. Which of the following provides the most appropriate response? Question 2 A client with cirrhosis is at risk for developing complications. Which condition is the most serious and potentially life-threatening? Ascites and edema occur when liver production of albumin fails. Asterixis is a sign of hepatic encephalopathy.

Recommend avoidance of narcotics or. Appearance of frothy, foul-smelling stools. Question 16 Explanation. Normal Lab Values Reference Guide. Ramlah Andarias. When it enlarges, it is more likely to compromise expansion limiting or restricting use of medications metabolized by the liver.

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Cirrhosis is the result of damage to the liver. Remember that the liver is responsible for taking out harmful substances from the body. When the patient has a liver disease of other liver disorder, this can result in cirrhosis which is a late stage of fibrosis scarring of the liver. Once cirrhosis has occurred in response to the damage to the liver, it can not be reversed. However, if cirrhosis is caught early and treated, the damage can be limited. But if cirrhosis continues to progress, more scar tissue will form, which will compromise the liver function of removing toxins, etc. If cirrhosis is allowed to advance it can become life threatening. Usually cirrhosis can be asymptomatic no signs or symptoms until the damage to the liver is advanced.

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Sorry that healthy liver diet nursing care plan above toldEncourage him to take deep breaths. Question 24 A client with advanced cirrhosis of the liver is not tolerating protein well, as eveidenced by abnormal laboratory values. The fundus of the stomach in relationship to the liver.
Healthy liver diet nursing care plan something alsoInstruct SO to notify health care providers of any confusion, untidiness, night wandering, tremors, or personality change. Identify feelings and methods for coping with negative perception of self. Angel Moorer. At the minimum of every eight hours, inspect for any wounds that may have resulted from invasive procedures.
Think healthy liver diet nursing care plan messageRefer to support services. Question 30 Explanation. C: Flapping of the hands asterixis, changes in mentation, agitation, and confusion are common. Broccoli contains vitamins C, E, and K and folic acid.

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