Does diet dr pepper cause blood sugar drop

By | August 29, 2020

does diet dr pepper cause blood sugar drop

If you have diabetes, you may think it’s healthier to choose a diet drink or an artificial sweetener. Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners pose many health risks to people with diabetes. Let’s take a look at the latest research. A study found that drinking only four or more cans of a diet soft drink per week more than doubles your risk of proliferative diabetic retinopathy PDR. PDR is an eye-related complication of diabetes. In PDR, abnormal blood vessels develop in the eye and increase your risk of vision loss and blindness. Drinking diet soda every day is associated with a 36 percent increased risk of metabolic syndrome and glucose intolerance. These conditions make your body less effective at releasing and responding to insulin. Like many people with diabetes, you may believe that artificial sweeteners can’t raise your blood sugar. But some studies have shown that the artificial sweetener aspartame actually increases blood sugar and insulin levels at similar rates to regular sugar.

Last week, I started an experiment to better understand how different foods and lifestyle choices impact blood sugar, using a constant-glucose-monitoring device. While the answer may seem obvious — artificial sweeteners contain no sugar — some people still believe there may be an effect. For example, artificial sweeteners could potentially under some circumstances affect insulin levels, indirectly affecting blood sugar and ketone levels. I would drink a 17 oz 0. Then, for the next two hours, I would observe my blood-sugar levels using the Dexcom G5 mobile app. That the soda I drank would be caffeine free. That my blood sugar was relatively stable for at least 30 minutes before drinking the soda. That I would do the same test at least twice. But a few sips later, I was enjoying the drink. After fifteen minutes the bottle was empty. My eyes were glued to the app.

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As a blood Diet Pepsi addict, I don’t want to be ingesting junk. Other factors that have come to light regarding the health risks of diet sodas include weight gain and metabolic syndrome. Crystal Pullen Team Diet Doctor. However, certain artificial sweeteners can have a long-term impact. That the soda Diet drank would be caffeine free. She is hard at work on her first cookbook which combines simple, cause recipes with science-based does medicine. Diet soda and diabetes. A running enthusiast who regularly participates in San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers run, Pepper works as an independent caterer, preparing healthy, nutritious meals for Phoenix area residents. For example, drop sweeteners could potentially under some circumstances affect insulin levels, indirectly affecting sugar sugar and ketone levels.

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