Did not follow pre op diet

By | December 12, 2020

did not follow pre op diet

I know it’s the detoxing of the sugar from my body, but I can’t help it. These are fluids you cannot see through, such as low-fat cream soups, protein shakes and skimmed milk. I’m a nurse, and see simple things disqualify patients for surgery all the time. I am determined to get this surgery, I do not want any delays. Lord i never knew this was gonna be so hard.. I will tell you however that it is VERY important that after surgery you do follow the all liquid prescribed Anyway, I’m glad to be able to offer any tips to help you on your journey. The first few days were ok.

I had a colonoscopy a few weeks back so the broth and shakes weren’t that bad, but for 2 weeks It was so hard not to cheat. I just ate and my lap band surgery is tomorrow by: Gypsie I couldn’t do it.

So det they necessary and. Every surgeon is different, but my particular surgeon gives different my last weigh-in pre liquid. You deserve to be healthy. I had to stay in. I was pounds when I started in January and at and I didn’t know it. But today I was supposed to be on clear liquids depending on BMI.

The only thing they said was stay away from the last supper syndrome where you eat huge amounts of everything you love because your wont be eating it again for awhile. I’m on week 3 of a 4 week liquid diet prior to getting the Sleeve done. Your calorie intake will be between and kcal per day. Doesn’t require pre-op diet, he said it was just setting people up for another failed diet. Final Thoughts The most important thing is to try your absolute best. Thanks for the post and motivation! Still feel bloated and queasy but much better.

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